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Raw's Committee

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Katana is a beautiful African-American woman, born and raised in the notorious section of New York City - Brooklyn. During her childhood, she endured the unfortunate and saw what most children have not. At a very young age, Katana had already concluded that life wasn’t fair. However, at age 27, Katana befriends a gentleman by the name of Thriller. He introduces her to a life she never knew existed. They fell madly in love and are willing to take their relationship to the next level until their world is turned up-side-down by tragedy and they are ultimately forced apart. One man stands in their way preventing Katana and Thriller from making plans for their future. His issue is with Thriller, but with the unconditional love Katana has for her man, she maybe in harm’s way. Venture with Katana and Thriller as they struggle, feverishly, to keep the bond and love they have for one another alive; if they can stay alive...... WHO EVER SAID RIDE OR DIE CHICKS NO LONGER EXIST?

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