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10 Things Your Divorce Attorney Won't Tell You

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Everything in life starts with a simple question.

If you or someone you loved was facing the prospect of divorce, how would you help them find the best divorce attorney to meet their needs?

This is the number one question I am asked on an almost daily basis.

Why you ask?

Because I am one of the over 50% of formerly married people living in the US that has gotten divorced and had to live with the ramifications of the divorce agreement that was negotiated on my behalf.

I try to answer many of the questions and put to rest much of the confusion related to the divorce process and walk the reader through what they will face as they proceed with their attorney through the divorce process.

I can honestly say that I would not wish divorce on the worst of my enemies, but having been through this process and seeing first-hand how callous the court system is and the professionals who feed off of this system, I felt compelled to write this book and to do something to try and help others.

I try my best to provide my answers to many of the issues, questions and concerns that I faced during a rather lengthy and complicated divorce process. I am not an attorney, do not claim to be an attorney and this book is not an attempt to practice law, but rather is based on my personal experiences of traversing the intricate issues tied to divorce.

My hope is that you never need to use this book, but knowing the statistics as I know them to be, someone you know or love will be able to use the knowledge I provide in this book to help make their life truly livable after their divorce.

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