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Shark Diving Holidays

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... a shadow that swims from left to right, a shimmer a silver... Was it some kind of fish, a seal, perhaps a dolphin?

Nope! It’s the world’s most effective and efficient predators... sharks! Come face to face with Jaws and his relatives.

Delve into the depths of shark diving holidays and uncover a whole new world, unfamiliar and virtually alien where you will see first-hand the power, the speed and the skills used by these ancient predators of the deep.

Sharks big and small, weird and unusual all play an important role in the world's delicate eco-system.

They are incredible creatures that can invoke fear into the hearts of many... but how much do you really know about sharks? Ever seen one up close? Ever swam with one or even more before?

Hollywood creates an illusion that sharks are just mindless killers, hungry only for human meat. But I challenge you to take on a shark diving holiday and experience for yourself... their behaviour may just shock you.

Follow my shark diving holidays in South Africa, Hawaii & Australia with the Great Whites, Galapagos Sharks and Grey Nurse sharks plus learn all about the other species, other destinations for shark diving and the facts about sharks in general.

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