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Delicious Kashmiri Dishes from India

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“If there is Paradise on this earth, it is here, it is here, it is here!” said the great Mogul Emperor when he established his rule over Northern parts of India centuries ago.

The beautiful land of Kashmir is often compared to the imaginary paradise which poets and writers adore in their writings. Lush green landscape, alluring mountains and lakes keep visitors spellbound.

Kashmiri people love their art and culture and food is inevitably a very significant art in their daily cuisine. Kashmiri cuisine is mostly non-vegetarian and goat meat dominates their every meal.

Deliciously spicy food from Kashmir has its own flavour, laced with wafting waves of saffron.

Though they love decorating their houses, their houseboats, and their cottages, it is their kitchen which is the most beautifully decorated part in the house.

In this book we have included some of the most widely savoured and favoured recipes of Kashmiri dishes. They are quite easy to learn, however, a little patience is required while cooking.

Enjoy these dishes in your own kitchen.

All the best

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