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Biblical teachings and interpretations, along with Rembrandt's paintings, provided absorbing reading material, served as an introduction to Dr. Girsh’s medical education and seeded the inspiration for these books. He developed a unique interest in Biblical art that resulted in Rembrandt’s Artistic Biblical Interpretations, From the Attic Of Civilization which represents, to him, the location where these Biblical interpretive paintings were stored, where, as a boy, he first undertook the study of Biblical interpretation. Since these paintings were not available to him, they were in this loft-like position during his boyhood, he look upon them as having been stored in The Attic of Civilization.

This study of Biblical art in interpretation began as a project to accompany his exhibits of work by Rembrandt and his contemporaries, which was on tour throughout the country. Directors and curators of museums, as well as art historians, looked forward to this work, which some have described as "a unique contribution to Biblical art."

The following quotes are from a museum curator and a director:
•"An exciting response to an important and favorite theme of the great artist, Rembrandt. A very good response indeed."

•"Dr. Girsh's fantastic interpretations of art, history and Biblical themes is an inspiration to all of us."

Regarding The Thought Behind the Shot, Dr. Girsh developed therapeutics based upon and derived from one of the leading clinical practices on the east coast of Immunology and allergy applied to Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Clinical Surgery, with empathy, dedication and devotion to patient care and recovery.

His unique therapeutics is derived from clinical and therapeutic experience while in positions of leadership incorporating opportunities of professorships and immunology department directorships at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where he founded the Department of Occupational health based on studies that advanced the treatment of bronchial asthma. He founded the Asthmatic Center at Children’s Heart Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. He was instrumental in establishing one of the first national post-graduate courses that focused upon allergic and asthmatic children, presented at Temple University.

He worked to establish an air quality program with scientists at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA and the Air Quality Division of the City of Philadelphia, which monitors the levels of pollution. Several years of data collection were utilized tracking the impact of air quality and weather change on the number of hospital admissions of asthmatic children.
In collaboration with Hewlett-Packard, he developed the fiber-optic pulse Oximeter. This achievement is now recognized as state-of-the-art presence in emergency rooms and physicians’ offices throughout the country.

Dr. Girsh was recognized three times by the Four Chaplains Legion of Honor in Philadelphia, PA, for outstanding service to the community. These recommendations came from patients.

The book contains artistic interpretations by Rembrandt, with original classic language, connotations and interpretations along with the beautiful artistic calligraphy of the original scrolls, framed by analyses of noted scholars.

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