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This book takes you beyond the good ideas of men. It gives you specific answers! It tells you how to discover your hidden destiny, Choose the right career in life, move from jobs to real work, invest in the right business, identify your niche, get the right employment, plan for your future and children, Get inner peace, great wealth, self - esteem, and good health. It helps you to overcome job, retirement and health problems, and eliminate confusion and fitness bills. You won't be able to put it down until you have read it and added its wisdom to your life.

In this book, the author – Moses A. Ojute, a man called to ‘change lives,’ using his years of experience in the field of Destiny Mentoring – demonstrates how you can Discover your Divine Destiny, and become significant, successful, and fulfilled in life. He recalls that many are confused in life; not knowing whom God designed them to be, and how to live a happy and true successful life. He said those you think are successful in life see themselves as not living a fulfilled life – they want to quit and do something else. People keep asking quizzically, “God, Why am I like this? Who did you create me to be? ‘What would you have me to do’?”

This book gives you that divine direction. The first five chapters tells you why your destiny is unknown to you, the real meaning of destiny, the benefits of walking in your destiny, a review of those who missed their destiny, and how God conscript men who walked in His ways to their Divine assignment. In the sixth chapter, the author shares his life experiences on how God drafted him to his divine assignment. In Chapters seven to ten, the author guides you to discover your real work, career, business, and mission that God uniquely designed for you on earth.

The author wraps up the book by leading you prayerfully to your divine destiny and releases prophetic anointing for total breakthroughs upon your life. Welcoming you to a life of knowing who you are and what God designed you to do, as you read this great book.

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