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Shared Experiences

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shared experiences is precisely what it says on the book jacket. a diverse collection of reflective verse about all the experiences that affect us all. it pulls no punches, makes no apologises, it opens your eyes as readers to daily life events such as death, debt, broken relationships and the seasons, political and issues of warfare and their impact on our selves. why not be honest and open, if with regards to literature and the arts you as consumers cannot identify with what the writer, poet, artist, are attempting to get across and can relate to it, than then body of work lacks credibility and authenticity. my reason why i write is to be able to confront my readers in my poetry with in this case social issues which encourages you the reader to think more deeply than you would usually and thereby encourage social change for the better. finally for me, my poetry is a media which best conveys the human story in eloquent meaningful ways which at times other forms of creative media lack the power and meaning to convey. enjoy my ebook and may you find that my verses have relevance in your own life.

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