This study chart includes the most important information healthcare professionals must memorize to be successful on the American Heart Association (AHA) certification exam for Basic Life Support (BLS). Although a lot of information is included in the two pages, it is easy to see, easy to read, and easy to follow. Many thousands of nurses and other healthcare professionals have used this study chart. These charts were first developed by Michele and her husband Joe in 1985. They have progressed to their current form, and are kept up-to-the-minute accurate.

We created these Zombie Notes study charts for the specific purpose of helping our medical and nursing students to successfully pass the American Heart Association (AHA) certification exams.

Since 1984, we have specialized in training healthcare professionals for the AHA certification exams for:
1. ACLS – Advance Cardiac Life Support
2. BCLS - BLS – Basic Cardiac Life Support
3. PALS – Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Here is our current list of medical Zombie Notes study charts:
1. ACLS Certification Exam Prep.
2. BCLS-BLS Certification Exam Prep.
3. PALS Certification Exam Prep.
4. EKG Basics
5. Shock and Stages of Shock
6. ABG Interpretation and Worksheet
7. Bradycardia – Heart-Blocks

Each Zombie Notes study chart is available in several different formats:
1. Each Zombie Notes is available as a laminated card-stock from Amazon.
2. Each one is also available for download on many different reading devices at SmashWords.

We provide free support videos for the Zombie Notes study charts:
1. We have created a video for each Zombie Notes.
2. We have also created additional videos that cover each topic in more depth.
3. All of our videos can be watched on YouTube and iTunes.

Michele provides free email support for the Zombie Notes study charts:
1. Michele welcomes any and all of your questions about these study guides or about any aspect of nursing.

Info About the Zombie Notes Study Charts

What are Zombie Notes study charts?
1. Zombie Notes study guides are short, to-the-point study guides.
2. They are all designed to be especially useful to someone approaching a subject for the first time.
3. Some are designed with a specific certification or exam in mind.
4. All are designed to give the student the most important information that must be memorized.

How do I use the Zombie Notes study charts?
1. Zombie Notes are a supplement to your regular studies.
2. These study guides simply help the student get a strong foot-hold on the subject.
3. All of our study guides can be used before studying a subject.
4. If a student memorizes the information on our study guides, they will have a very strong foundation in that subject.
5. Don’t forget, memorization is the first step to learning a subject. And then using that information over and over again in class and on the job makes it stick in your long-term memory.

For more info about the Zombie Notes Study Charts visit Michele's websites at:

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