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Feedback Loop (Wired For Desire - Part 1)

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All it took was one tiny implant to change the lives of John and Ella. Something so small, marketed as a revolutionary product that would change the way people handled their memories. But when one small security leak leaves them open to hackers and identity thieves, it opens an opportunity for experimentation in John's eyes. Being recruited to fix these loopholes, he discovers a whole new world of opportunities to spice up their sex life. A little alteration here, a hidden control panel there, and John easily gains access to Ella's senses.

Here's a preview:

John woke to a rainy day outside his window. The worst kind of weather; dreary, loud, and wet. It could almost equate to sex, if only it weren't depressing. It fit two of the criteria simply for being loud and wet. Turning over, he saw that Ella had already left for work. He was working from home this week, so at least he could avoid the rain. Not being comfortable yet in using the chip to do any mental programming, he opted to do it the “old” way. Grabbing a cup of coffee from the kitchen, he sat down and started up his laptop, a little anxious to get started on what could possibly be a coding nightmare. He needed to find a way to turn of transmitting sensory signals when that person reached an orgasm, otherwise further stimulation would create negative feedback of that over sensitivity to the person who had yet to climax; and things like that are bound ruin the fun in sex.

Opening the files to start scouring the code, John felt a little twinge of arousal. It was odd, considering he hadn't done anything to provoke that response. Shrugging it off, he started skimming the code, looking for the portion where he could experiment with an option for an automatic on/off switch. He knew there had to be a way to pick out the signals during climax and set up a modifier to trigger an automatic shut-off so many seconds after the trigger. John felt another spike of arousal, this time enough to set his cock off. It was just a little twitch and a throb, but it was enough push it into growing hard. It didn't make sense to him, being turned on by absolutely nothing.

He tried to ignore it and continue working, but there it was again. A few more throbs, and his tip was pushing up against his pants, building a tent for itself. John started to think that maybe the chip was malfunctioning. It was possible he screwed something up with the code, but he had went over that with a fine tooth comb to make sure everything was perfect. What if he had done some sort of irreparable damage? Would he be able to fix it? Had this experiment been a mistake? These questions only pushed him further into the ocean of code before him, looking for an answer. If there's a will, there's a way...and considering he wasn't ready to own up to what he had done, he was determined to push forward and find a way to improve the program, and hopefully fixing whatever had gone wrong.

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