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Under the Yellow Kite

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Set in the backdrop of a Northern Inuit village, where Evil Spirits linger behind snow mountains, Under the Yellow Kite is a portrait of a woman’s courage, a visionary of changing times, and the survival she faces against her abusive husband, her community and traditions. It remains a story of untold love as her husband`s half brother vows to protect her only to intensify conflicts between brothers. With nostalgic affection, Naskitchu recalls her teacher, Miss Rice, at a time when Povungnituk had an elementary school and the lives of children that were in contradiction to the white man`s ways. Naskitchu, Jetsuk, Angliuk, and Miss Rice, the story unfolds as they survive each in their own way to make sense of the changing world around them, in a place where the North remains cruel and invincible.

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