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His Voice, His Desire: An Intense Erotic Romance

40 pages39 minutes



Elizabeth Marshall is a skilled interpreter of multiple languages. She's capable, ambitious, and knowledgeable, but she's also stuck in an tedious and unsatisfying job with a boss who doesn't appreciate her. That all changes when she gets contracted to work for Gabriel Archer, the powerful head of a multinational construction firm. He originally hires Elizabeth for her language skills but proves to be interested in more than just conversation.

With Gabriel's deal closed and successful, Elizabeth is about to find out just how her new boss intends to reward her skilled service. But Gabriel Archer isn't a man who waits to get what he wants, or who he wants. Can Elizabeth satisfy a man like Gabriel, or will she fail to keep up with his intense and powerful desires?

This high-powered and high-stakes story is sure to excite as our heroine is drawn out of her comfort zone and into the hands of a man who won't be satisfied with a simple job well done. It contains raunchy details and dirty descriptions, and a long, steamy, sexy encounter in the back of a limo (with a privacy screen and tinted windows, of course).

Approx. 11000 words, intended for adults only.


Gabriel’s hands were as hungry as his mouth, and he dragged a palm and his fingers along my thigh. Even through my skirt his touch made me shimmer. The other pressed against my lower back, and traced along the line of my spine. I thought I was going to flood the cabin, he made me so wet. Gabriel broke the kiss and whispered against my cheek, the muscles in his mouth bulged and shifted against my chin.

“Just tell me if I go too far. The safe word is ‘deutschemark.’”

Gabriel spoke with a grin, and we both laughed a little, but in his eyes was that same hardness that he had before the meeting with Herr Wallich. The same desire. The same hunger. The same predatory dominance and sharpness in those gray eyes.
His hands were agile, his fingers quick. My blouse was undone and open in the space of two quick heartbeats. Hands dove into my shirt and curled around my lower back. Rough but smooth, that strange contradiction sliding over my skin. My skin tingled where those hands roamed, and my body burned.

He pulled me into his lap and pressed lips to my throat. His lips were warm, and each kiss came with a hard, hungry suck. After each kiss came a deep, sultry exhale that spiraled and danced along my neck like hot, invisible, erotic fingers. His hands eased my arms from my sleeves and with a whip of his shoulder my shirt fluttered away and fell to the floor of the limo cabin.

I inhaled with a gasp. My eyes wandered to the tinted windows, with Gabriel’s face still buried in my neck and shoulder. Lips still kissing with hunger. Breath still dancing warm and tickling. Buildings flashed by, and pedestrians too. When we came to a stop I could see a few rubberneckers gawk at the limo paused at the streetlight.

None of those people who glanced over to our car knew what I was doing with that gorgeous man inside. It was like they were watching me, even if they weren’t. The thrill of exhibitionism, voyeurism, without actually being seen. Only a thin sheet of dark glass prevented them from seeing me, and somehow that made it even more exciting to have Gabriel’s hands on my body, to have his lips kiss just below my ear, to hear the excitement in his breath. Not to mention the excitement in his lap, that pressed up as a hard lump against the bottom of one of my thighs.

My hands curled up over his shoulders, and then through the hair on the back of his head. Soft, and though it wasn’t long, it was long enough to feel my fingers dive into it and it was long enough to curl my hands around. Which I did, as my body clenched and my toes curled when Gabriel eased finger sunder my skirt to feel for the zipper. And then he whispered, lips pressed against my ear.

“What are you waiting for, Liz? Gonna make me do al

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