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Quantum Medicine: True Stories Involving the Use of Time Travel in the Treatment and Prevention of Death and Disease

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Through an amazing collection of real-life hospital cases, Dr. Italia takes the reader on a truly fascinating journey into the hidden secrets of life, death, and mysterious powers beyond as seen through remarkable cures and recoveries and other unexplained phenomena.

This book is truly unique in that the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness and disease (including death) occur using methods that are out of necessity far beyond current medical knowledge and abilities. Within its pages, the reader will discover an amazing firsthand account of dozens of actual cases in which Dr. Italia has used time travel and other special powers and abilities that he possesses to come to the aid of seriously ill and dying patients at several major hospitals and medical centers. In addition, many different types of cases are presented including cancer, trauma, burns, heart disease, stroke, coma, and much more.

In the introductory chapter to his book, Dr. Italia states the following:

"Therefore, when faced with the unfortunate, but nevertheless real, limitations of modern medicine, conventional methods having proven to be totally inadequate or nonexistent, I have very frequently used other methods (such as time travel) that are far beyond the scope of modern medicine and natural human abilities. Through various means of a highly advanced nature known as "quantum intervention," I am able to directly perceive and alter a patient’s state of physical and mental health."

It is in this chapter that Dr. Italia lays out much of the basic groundwork for the rest of his book. Here also he discusses in some detail the nature and evolution of his special powers and abilities, involving in part the use of time and space, as well as discussing the concept of space-time itself.

"Quantum Medicine" is more than just a collection of amazing stories, however. It represents a major paradigm shift as a powerful primer on life and living, offering many subtle, but important, lessons on a wide variety of personal and socially relevant topics about life, death, and health in general.

Thus, after reading this book, the reader will come away with a new level of awareness and understanding about the universe in which he/she lives and therefore be better able to use that knowledge to improve his/her life.

Perhaps, Dr. Italia says it best in his book.

"The significance of not only the existence of, but also the presence of, such enormous power and the tremendous implications for human beings in so many aspects of their lives are truly awesome as anyone can begin to imagine."

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