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Strange Sex Stories: Monster Sex Science 2 (Tentacle Monster, Sci-Fi Erotica)

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Satiating the lusts of a horny tentacle beast. Collecting copious samples of its hot, sticky reproductive material. And spending a little extra "quality time" with the monstrous, tentacled creature just to make sure he leaves as satisfied as you are. Just another day on the job if you're Marilyn, monster sex scientist.

Of course, collecting those samples and making sure the creature is satisfied requires you to charm and seduce it first. But that's just another part of the job, and it's one that Marilyn enjoys just as much as the more "hands-on" aspects, like collecting samples. Which always seems to require more than just a skilled hand.

But sometimes even enthusiastic monster-lovers like Marilyn can bite off more than they can chew, and when a particularly horny tentacle monster comes into her lab, Marilyn may have found something that's more than a match for her.

This sticky, probing tale won't hold back the slippery and gooey details one bit. If you're looking for tentacles and monsters, and messy, sloppy sex, you've found the right story for you. Don't you want to see our protagonist try to endure the tireless desires of a squirmy, lusty, slimy horror from beyond?

Approx. 4700 words, intended for (freaky) adults only.


Marilyn opened the door to the chamber that held tentacle monster that called himself "Thultas." It was an empty white room with smooth floors and walls. The only feature visible was the one-way glass Marilyn had watched Thultas through. The only thing Marilyn had brought with her was a beaker to collect some “material” in. She had taken the liberty of stripping down before opening the door. Something told her that slime would be hard to wash out of her clothes.

Thultas didn’t have any visible eyes. In fact, he didn’t have any visible anything except for the thick, squirming tentacles that seemed to compose his entire body. Marilyn couldn’t count them, they were so numerous and they never stopped moving. Still, Thultas seemed to sense her, and immediately flopped towards her with wet, messy slaps of his prehensile body parts.

“Woah, hold on, dear.” Marilyn said.

Thultas didn’t obey, he kept spilling towards her and reached out to slip two surprisingly hot tentacles around her ankles. Several more rose up and reached out for Marilyn’s body.

“You said when we’re done you’ll let me go. I want to screw a human, but I also want out of here. Let’s do this.” Thultas’s voice was hungry.

“Yeesh, alright, alright. Just let me set this down...”

Marilyn held up the glass beaker and almost as soon as she did Thultas snapped out a tentacle and snatched it from her with surprising dexterity. He set it down on the floor and continued his advance on Marilyn’s body. Warm, sticky-slick tentacle lengths slapped against her thighs and curled over her forearms and biceps. Wherever Thultas touched her he left thick, glistening sheets of slippery slime. Marilyn was glad she decided to strip before going inside.

“I hope you got a lot of endurance, girl. I may want out of here, but I’m gonna have some fun first...” Thultas chuckled like water being spilled.

Marilyn swallowed and licked her lips.

“This is what I do for a living, dear. And I enjoy it. I just hope you can keep up with me.” Marilyn tried to sound bold.

“Don’t sound too sure of yourself.” Thultas warned.

Then he curled his hot appendages around her legs, from ankle to hip, and squeezed hard. The rubbery lengths weren’t nearly as flimsy as they looked, and had a hideous strength behind them as they pried open Marilyn’s legs and stretched her arms above her head. The powerful appendages pushed Marilyn down onto the floor and the mass of Thultas’s squirmy body loomed above her.

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