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Beneath the Surface: Long-Lost Brother (Volume 2)

347 pages5 hours


Sean Archer made a terrible mistake when he heartlessly abandoned his unusual little brother in the haunted forest and he spent five years hunting determinedly for redemption. In Long-Lost Brother, Sean finds the lost boy amongst a pack of wolves he can communicate with telepathically. Their happy reunion opens up Sean’s own latent telepathy and metaphysical sight. Unfortunately, when Sean brings the unusual lad home, he finds an ancient fairy tale proves to be true: once a human has eaten the mystical foods of the Otherworld, he can never eat the mundane foods of the outer world ever again. To complicate matters, unresolved family problems worsen the issue. Sean’s gruff father never came to terms with the death of his wife during childbirth and can give his youngest son no love; instead, he drowns his sorrows in alcohol. Five years ago, Sean blamed Erren for his beloved mother’s death and did not seem to care whether his brother lived or died. Now Sean fears that the precious life of the little boy he has come to love is slipping perilously out of his hands and he is desperate to find a solution before his kid brother starves to death in a land of plenty.


Sean lowered his head like a fierce stag protecting a tender fawn against a predator. He looked up from beneath his angry brows and threatened with bold words like deadly prongs aimed at the doctor, “Don’t you dare touch him! There is no way in hell I will let the brain doctors anywhere near my little brother! If I see anyone come at us with a scalpel, I swear to God I will kill them!”

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