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The Jesus Connection

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The book interweaves two story lines running parallel to each other.
It starts with the story of Leonard Lombard, a South African infantry soldier captured in Angola. He meets another prisoner, an American CIA agent. In confinement they are taught philosophy by a mysterious man who shows them ways to master their lives. He also gives them riddles to a treasure waiting to be revealed to the world.
Parallel to the former, in the desert of Northern Africa, 2000 years ago, the reader finds Jesus in a desert oasis, traveling from India to his life in Israel, his fame is already being spread among different ethnic groups and precedes him wherever he goes. He meets his would-be students and from there his journey continues to Egypt to be initiated in the pyramids.
Many years passed since they were rescued from the prison, the war is long over, and the two men meet again in Saudi Arabia, with a group of archeologists to help solve the riddles given by the mysterious master. In Saudi Arabia they discover hidden sacred treasures linking the two stories together.
The novel contains hidden philosophies, and is a subtle symbiosis of fact, fiction, love, action and mystery. There are parts the readers will find relevant to their lives or recognize them in the lives of those close to them. The book will tantalize and intrigue any reader, irrespective of spiritual beliefs.

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