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Touchable Darkness

27 pages26 minutes


Heather is new to suburban life and agrees to join the local book club. What she finds there is more than she bargained for! She is brought into a cult of satanic ritual that requires that the women give their bodies over to demons.
Caution: This work contains 7,000 words of sensual pleasure, power play dynamics, dubious consent, erotic content and suggests breeding. All characters are depicted as over 18 years of age and all are consenting characters.

“I am Samael, Little One. I am pleased to meet you. I hope that you will grow to understand, in time,” He said in a smooth even tone as he sat down next to me.
I could feel his body heat as he came closer and I wanted more of it despite my rational protests, which were growing weaker and weaker with time. I whimpered pathetically as he brushed over my body lightly, replacing my hand with his own. I didn’t question his touch or flinch from him. My need was pure and I wanted him to fulfill it. It was as though that need was made for him specifically and no other man would do.
His touch was soft and delicate, causing the swollen peaks of my breasts to stiffen with desire. Surely this would not be so bad

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