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Star Crossed

64 pages55 minutes


Is this a joke, or payback? Voltan space-trader, Devin, can’t believe that the Pleasure Dome has dispatched such a sex-mate. The younger man is so hairy and dirty, with a beard—for the stars’ sake! Not that Dev wants a perfumed, coiffured man to share his bed, but the sex-mate had better scrub up, or he’ll demand a refund. Dev is lost the moment he hears Robert’s voice and looks into his haunted green eyes. He has to have this man, or die. Robert Warren is running for his life. Deep in enemy territory, the last thing he wants is a close encounter with any Voltan, but that’s what it’s going to take for him to win his freedom—servicing the man who thinks Rob is a pleasure-man. Cripes, he’ll just have to close his eyes and thrust—each thrust taking him closer to home. Plans and desires go awry. To survive an enemy intent on destroying them both, Dev and Rob have to call a truce in bed and out of it. It’s a whole new take on comrades in arms...

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