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How To Gain Real Financial Independence

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Where do you want to be in two years? What do you really want to do with your life? How much money do you really need? Surprisingly, most people cannot answer these basic questions about their personal lives. It just so happens that these, and a host of other crucial questions, form the core of any sound, long-term financial plan. Wealth starts with planning and author James Ellingford, Ph.D., helps you to not only plan your financial future, he gives you a reliable and proven approach to secure that future in his new, groundbreaking book, How To Invest To Gain Real Financial Independence: The Seven Golden Rules To Wealth. Life goals and financial goals are not separate subjects that can be discussed in isolation. Simply put, the synergy of life and finances can be summed up in one word: planning. Without a plan how do you know, how does your spouse, partner, or lover know where you want to go financially in life? Financial planners, brokers, and the broader financial industry are myopic when it comes to planning, often giving advice to investors that runs counter to their clients’ best interests. Why is this the case? It happens because the average person has not learned the Seven Golden Rules for creating wealth in their life. Consequently, they do not know how to plan properly and leverage that planning into savvy investing in the share market. Armed
with the no-nonsense information provided by this book, those new to investing can take charge of their financial futures and confidently move forward knowing they are making sound and prudent financial choices with their hard-earned money. How To Invest To Gain Real Financial Independence: The Seven Golden Rules To Wealth is an astounding financial resource and a must read for anyone serious about his or her long-term financial well-being.

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