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Dominating Her Curves

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‘DOMINATING HER CURVES’ is the latest release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those who love short stories where full-figured women, not only get their gorgeous guys, but are dominated by an alpha male.

There were 2 things that Renee Wheatley had a weakness for: raspberry crème brulee, and billionaire rock stars - rippling abs and bulging jeans included. Luckily for her, her new hotel job had both, though she suspected she’d only get her lips around one. After all, how many rock stars do you see spanking the curves of a full-figured girl like her?

Yet, when her eyes met HIS, his steely-wicked eyes, she could feel them undress her. 'Could that have happened?' she thought. Well, she was sure as hell not going to find out. Finding out meant risking her job. She wasn’t the roguish son of a billionaire. She was working class. She was a ‘good girl’ who always played it safe.

On the other hand, how could she not find out? So, pretending to be room service, she went to him. He saw through her game immediately. She wanted to run out. He ordered her to stay. And scared to lose her job, she submitted to his strong will, allowing his hands to continue what his eyes had started.

Her time with him was the best of her life. She could never do it again, though. What if someone found out? But, what if he ordered her back? What would she do then? When the phone rang at her station, she learned that she would soon find out.

*Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.

“Stop,” a voice commanded as the bathroom door opened. Renee froze as the blood rushed from her face. “You’re not a waitress. What are you doing here?”

Renee felt her heart lurch and stutter painfully. Her entire career flashed before her eyes. She had been caught and she knew it. If he found out who she was, would he report her to management? She couldn’t be sure. If he did, would he also order her fired? Not if she could convince him not to. Out of everyone in the room, he had noticed her, hadn’t he? Well, perhaps he hadn’t. But certainly, she had to at least try to save her job. Didn’t she?

“Turn around,” he ordered.

His voice was rich and commanding. It was like he had never been denied anything in his life. She gripped her fists trying to gather her courage. But when she turned around, what she saw took her breath away.

He was shirtless, revealing tight abs and a slender frame. His pale skin sported tribal-style tattoos, and his snug jeans showcased a bulge that made her mouth drop open. Drawn to his eyes, his gaze quickened her heart. And feeling the heat build within her, she struggled to compose herself as the allure of him took its effect.

His mouth lifted slightly in a half-smirk that seemed to suggest he recognized her from the lobby. “You don’t work in the kitchen,” he said, not quite a question, but almost.

“I do,” Renee blurted nervously. She pressed her hands against her thighs and wished her palms would stop sweating. Looking at him, he didn’t seem angry. He seemed amused. He looked like a cat that had cornered a mouse.

“Sure,” he replied, his smirk becoming more pronounced. He looked over her slowly. When his eyes returned to her face, he lifted a hand to gesture. “Take that jacket off.”

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