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Diversiform contains the Writers of the Future Award winning story "Written in Light" and the prequel "No Visitors Beyond This Point". Humanity's future in a galaxy full of other species is limited by their ability to gain new worlds. The galactic community decides the allocation of worlds with Diversiform Disputes where contesting species prove which can create the most effective biosphere. In "Written in Light" a young girl is lost in the wilds of a Disputed world and found by one of the biosphere's engineers. The alien must decide if the human is telling her the truth about her accidental presence or if she is there to sabotage the Dispute. When the girl becomes ill the engineer must now decide what is more important- finishing her work or saving a life. The unlikely allies join together to return the girl to her parents and unravel the mystery surrounding her strange illness. In "No Visitors Beyond This Point" a tragic accident causes the loss of fifteen alien lives and the subsequent investigation may reveal more about humanity's past than certain people will allow. What looks simple on the surface becomes rapidly complex as the local Governance official works to uncover the truth behind the incident.

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