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Royanna: An Extraterrestrial Affair

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Enjoy an extraordinary sci-fi adventure depicting an affair between a male human and a female humanoid from another star system. Characters in the story include Father Joseph Calvi, an erudite priest; Dr. Stephen Stenta a college professor and aficionado of science fiction; and Royanna Anton, an attractive extraterrestrial whose mission on our planet is of cosmic importance. Discover Joseph Smith's buried treasure, including the renowned spectacles known as the Urim and Thummim, magical jewels allowing Father Joseph to decipher a portion of a cryptic scroll written by an alien astronaut. Witness the solving of the mystery regarding enigmatic images on The Gateway of the Sun, an ancient archaeological stone site in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. This mysterious gateway displays a weeping figure sculptured between two panels of twenty-four smaller figures each containing three fingers and a thumb. Learn the reason extraterrestrials have monitored the behavior of our species since the beginning of time and what they have planned for our future. Explore these and other incredulous wonders of alternate realities and other dimensions beyond the boundaries of our small planet Earth.

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