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Knight of Times

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Special operatives Hugh Paine and Hiram “Ram” Joseph are tapped for a Black Level, top-secret mission unlike anything they’ve ever known. They’re told only that they’ve been selected because of their specific training to be involved in a mission to save the world. Brought hastily at night to a secure facility, they are transported by unknown means from American soil to a desert waste thousands of miles away—in only moments.
Paine, Ram, and their companions find themselves in the middle of the strangest mission of their lives: they’ve been tasked with rescuing a VIP who’s been captured and tortured—and he’s hanging on a cross. Who is this mystery man, and why is a woman who claims to be his wife crying at his feet? How did they get here, and why do their readouts now show that it’s April instead of October?
Before they can answer these questions, the team must cut the man down, treat his wounds, secure the samples they’ve been told to bring back, and take the VIP and his wife to a boat that’s awaiting them on a seashore several miles across the desert sands. But the soldiers guarding the man on the cross have spotted the team, and they’re not going to let their captive go easily.
In the ensuing firefight, the Special Ops Team realizes too late how deadly a skillfully thrown spear can be. Despite their superior weapons, one of their own is mortally wounded. And why would these soldiers be wielding spears instead of guns? Nothing makes sense.
Fighting for their lives and the safety of the man who is known to them only as “the prince,” the team members must make a difficult decision about who returns to their own reality and who stays behind. Their decision will change not only their own lives, but also the course of human history, religion, and the future of mankind.

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