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The Fourth Eye

392 pages5 hours


What would happen to you if you discovered the world's best kept industrial secret?

Can a car engine run on water? By using an oxygen- hydrogen splitter it's theoretically possible. But as no petrol company wants to compete with the ocean, they'd buy up the patents of anyone who discovered how to do it. And silence or kill anyone who resisted them.
So when Sydney photographer Colin Blake inadvertently becomes involved with an inventor who has perfected an instant water-splitter, he becomes a target to be silenced at all costs. And, as he is sucked deeper into the conspiracy, he uncovers more and more layers of corruption. But Blake has a devastating weapon - total recall.

This close-to-the-headlines thriller never lets up. And everything from communications to weapons systems is meticulously researched. From best selling thriller writer Clinton Smith and optioned for film.

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