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Batman Arkham City Strategy Guide

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Detective Mode
An unique lens with which Batman can easily extract and analyze info from his surroundings. In this unique point of view (initiated voluntarily by pressing a button), opponents and interactable environments are highlighted in an orange color.
Use it to assess the hostile scenario: to find out just how numerous opponents there are, who is armed, who isn't really, and numerous additional precise information about your adversaries. As a smart individual once stated: understand thy opposing forces and you shall pwn.
If you're stuck somewhere, never forget to use Detective Mode to identify if a wall can be broken down, whether a switch is connected to a door, etc. You're Batman, so think like him!
Batman Is A Badass
The fight in Arkham City could appear about as graceful as manic button-mashing can manage, but that will just carry you up until now. Since Batman often finds himself playing against overwhelming chances, these circumstances force him to be completely aware of his surroundings at all times. That implies recognizing who is about to throw a propane tank his means, who's about to nail him on the head with a baseball bat, and who is about to get his face crushed.
The counter-attack cue, suggested by a glow and squiggly lines above the aggressor's head, lets you recognize when Batman can subdue an attacking enemy and prevent damages to himself. Effectively timed, these counters can easily be strung together to acquire high combinations and unlock some spectacular abilities (relying on just what you decide to find out in the Waynetech menu)

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