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Accidental Swingers

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Josh and Mel discover that their spouses are having an ongoing sexual affair together. The situation is further complicated by the Josh and Mel have already been cheating with each other. They face a choice, do they confront their partners with their infidelity, or do they accept the weird circumstances and join in on the hot and sweaty fun.

WARNING: This 3000+ word short story contains graphic and explicit depictions of two couples having consenting group sex with each other. It is only intended for mature and adult readers over the age of 18.


I held Mel’s hand as we both peered into my bedroom and saw her husband between my wife’s spread legs. What we saw there was also highly inconvenient; Mel and I were planning on having sex in that bed, too. We should have been shocked, but then again, something needs to be explained, first. Mel and Mark were my neighbors, and Mel and I had been having an affair for about three months, now. We thought we had hid our secret from our spouses rather well. Still, we crept away from the bedroom door and went back to my living room to discuss our options. The whole time, we kept our voices to a whisper.

“Josh, do you think they’re doing this to spite us?”

“No,” Mel said. “I think this may have happened on its own – much like,” she looked me tenderly in the eyes, “we sort of gradually happened. I mean, I’ve seen the way Mark looks at your wife. It used to be the same way she looked at me when we first got married.”

“Oh. I didn’t know about that. But, Janice always had a thing for your husband. She talked about him all the time. Now, it kind of makes sense.”

“So, what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you want to rush in there and put a stop to it?”

“Not really.”


“It could get ugly rather quick.”

“What do you want to do?”

Mel gave me a curious look. She fidgeted a little and twisted a lock of her long and curly brown hair around her forefinger. “I say we have two options, right now. We either leave and let them have their naughty fun while pretending we don’t know, or, I don’t know.” She stared me in the eyes and obviously looked uncomfortable.

“Or what?”

“We join them?”

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