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The Game

447 pages6 hours


Four people are enticed to a remote island resort. But this is no playground. It's a battleground!

Their host is the sadistic billionaire arms-dealer, Nicholae Mould, a man whom they've all harmed in the past, either personally or financially - and he wants revenge. A quick death however would be dissatisfying. So he concocts a game involving humiliation, pain, mental torture and the ultimate destruction of the players. And there's a reward - twenty million dollars - winner take all.

For small-time TV producer, David Connor, this is a nightmare. Connor's only crime has been to expose Mould on TV. He now has to ward off the other three contestants, who are every bit as cruel and greedy as their host. If he wants to stay alive, he has to win - has to play the Game! The Game's remorselessly developing series of trials and tensions, combined with brilliant characterization, make this a non-stop descent into terror. Male fiction at its best. Review by best-selling crime writer, Gabrielle Lord: "A tense and horrifying journey into a maelstrom of hatred and vengeance."

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