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Modern people need a new understanding of things to reorganize the brain, the lungs, the stomach and the muscle system. Until he does not rebuild his bodies, man can not properly perceive the light that comes from the Sun.
The task of man lies in harmonizing the forces of the body and the establishment of proper relations with all the stars. Present man does not perceive correctly the energies of the Cosmos, which leads to accumulation of more energy than he needs in some of the places in his body, and elsewhere less. This misallocation of energies in the human body creates its misery and sufferings, its discontents, and the most elevated energy stored in one place, creates an uncomfortable state.
There are two flows - from the Sun to the Earth and from the Earth to the Sun. This flow of energy that comes from the Sun to the Earth on its return from the Earth to the Sun forms a second flow. A circulation like the blood circulation is going on – the energy that comes from the Sun is the arterial flow and the flow that goes from the Earth to the Sun -venous.
There are two opposing flows of energy that produce two different results. One of the energies narrows the forms and the other expands them. Your brain takes the place of the Sun, the stomach takes place of the Earth, and lungs are the connective thread between the Earth and the Sun. Through the lungs pass the two flows: the arterial and the venous.
In nature there is a venous flow, which goes up and arterial flow which goes down. The venous flow is directed to the brain, ie to the Sun. Preliminarily the venous blood should pass through the heart and the lungs, to purify and then to go up, as in you, so it is in Nature as well. The blood should be ozonized and its vibration should be raised. All the impurities that are found in the venous blood, should be removed, and thus to raise the vibrations in the world. If you have tightness in your head - that means you can send the impure blood to purify. If your stomach aches, you should do the same.
The energy that the Earth taken from the Sun can be compared with arterial blood, and the one sent to the Sun, can be compared with venous blood. Our Sun plays the role of a heart and even better plays this role the central Sun. As the impure blood from the tissues should return to the heart and thence to the lungs to be purified, so the energies of the Earth should return to Sun to obtain the initial rhythm.
As you know the influence of planets on man, especially of the Sun, you must have the right attitude towards it. If man is in harmony with the Sun, he will be in harmony with the Moon and the Earth. The good influence of the Sun on man improves his arterial blood. The relation between the influence of the Sun and the arterial blood is hidden in the harmony between the thoughts and the feelings of man. The Sun raises the human thoughts and the feelings and thus the man's blood is purified. Conversely harmonious thoughts, feelings and actions of man harmonise with the energies of the Sun, Moon and Earth, due to which a person enjoys life and enjoys its benefits.
God has sent man to the Earth and has told him: "Go and possess the Earth and possess the elements" And because man has been unable to conquer the Earth, God has given him a little land that is inside his head - his brain. If you know the way how to conquer your brain, you will find the laws with which you will conquer the Earth. If you can not possess your brain centers, your feelings, if not you can direct your will in a straight line, how do you steer things outside of you?

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