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One Husband Too Many: A Second Chance Romance

267 pages3 hours


Love gives her a second chance—but does she want it?

On the verge of divorcing her exciting but mysterious husband, Jana Edwards wishes she’d never met the rogue. If only she could go back six years and meet someone else instead. Wish granted! Her heirloom pendant returns her to the past...right into the arms of, well, almost the same man.

He looks and talks like Drake Edwards, but he has a different name and background. Plus, although she knows him intimately, he has no idea who she is. What's he up to, and why is she falling for him again?

USA Today bestselling novelist Jacqueline Diamond, author of the Safe Harbor Medical series, scores a hit with this offbeat love story about two people meant to be together, in spite of themselves. RealReadReviews said it “had me cheering for the characters. The ending had a very unpredictable twist... I really loved this book.”

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