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King's Mark

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The Kingdom of Duatra began crumbling the day her King disappeared. Now she's reduced to rotten wood, cracked stone, and warring clans. The King's Marked, who might have held the power to heal her, have been scattered and hunted to near extinction by the people they once protected.

Three Marked have survived. The Streetfly: besieged, struggling to repair her fraying clan. The Riverstalker: abducted, seeking the slave he vowed to rescue. The Mercenary: haunted, risking her life and hoping to lose it.

Hounded for the brand they carry and cursed with an unpredictable magic as likely to kill as heal, it doesn't take much to draft these three into the insurgence. But the very battle meant to restore their birthright and heal the kingdom will destroy everything unless they recognize the true enemy in time.

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