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Smart Guide Italy: Italy

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Smart Guide Italy is divided into North, Central and Southern Italy and covers all the country's most important regions, cities, parks, monuments and natural wonders. Travelers will discover historical information to hundreds of fascinating destinations as well as practical suggestions for eating, drinking and experiencing life up and down the Italian peninsula. Each region includes an overview and planning information that will simplify your journey and make it memorable.

Smart Guide Italy features details about: sights, entertainment, festivals and events, sports and recreation, food, accommodations, information and services, getting there, getting around and more. All information is accurate, up-to-date and written and researched by a dedicated team of full-time residents.

Smart Guide is an independent digital travel publisher with 25 guides to all of Italy's cities and regions. Each title in the series provides insights to the most important monuments and useful information for eating, drinking, and having a good time in Italy. Smart Guide also offers an online accommodation service that allows travelers to enjoy local hospitality, lower their CO2 impact and save.

Other Guides in the Smart Guide series include:
Cities & Regions:
Rome & Lazio / Florence & Tuscany / Genova & Liguria / Turin, Piedmont & Aosta / Milan & Lombardy / Trentino-Alto Adige / Venice & Veneto / Bologna & Emilia Romagna / Le Marche / Umbria / Naples & Campania / Abruzzo & Molise / Puglia / Basilicata & Clabria / Sardinia

Multiple Regions:
Northern Italy / Central Italy / Southern Italy / Italian Islands

Northern Italian Cities / Central Italian Cities / Southern Italian Cities / Grand Tour: Rome, Florence, Venice & Naples

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