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Students of Color Leadership Training Manual

111 pages44 minutes


“A resource that every Minority Student Organization and those who advise them should have!” Leadership training is critical if we are serious about preparing students to assume leadership roles. Too often we assume that new leadership will automatically spring up on its own. Those of you who work in student services know that is not the case and that we have a responsibility to help our students acquire leadership skills. This guide is intended to assist you in that effort and to provide practical information that your student leaders can use to increase participation on campus. This book contains proven leadership strategies that your student organization can immediately put to use. If you want to empower your student leaders and give them the skills and knowledge to run their campus organizations better, then you should order this book today. WHAT YOU’LL FIND IN THIS BOOK: • Creative ways to keep students involved in your student organization • How to determine your most effective leadership style • 7-topics your campus leadership training must cover • How to leverage important campus contacts to get things done • How to manage your time and make rational decisions as a leader • 3-goals that every student organization should establish • How to evaluate your student organization to make it the best it can be • An activities section filled with exercises and information to give students new leadership skills • And much, much more! “Your students will become better leaders as a result of the training offered in this booklet.”

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