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Anna A Story of Redemption

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In the year 30 A.D. Jerusalem is a chaotic and turbulent city. All of Israel is under the oppressive and diabolical rule of the Roman government. Every Jewish person is longing for their Redeemer. Could it be at this desperate bleak time in the account of Israel that the Holy One of God will appear?
Come and take a walk through time and experience all the wonder and struggles, the love and fears of Anna, a young woman of 15 given in marriage to a stranger. She is shocked when her father announces that she will be married in four months to a man that she doesn’t know. Her father and this man shared drinks and planned her future and now she must obey. Her dreams of education and travel have been snatched from her by this agreement. In Israel at this time of history, women are not much more than property, so now she must prepare herself for a wedding and the marriage bed. How can she give herself to a stranger? Where is love and passion? It seems they are not a part of this arrangement.
As terrible as this is, something much worse is waiting for Anna. A diabolical plan will test her faith and morals. Rome and the leaders of Israel will force her to make decisions that no woman should have to consider. If she refuses the depraved proposal then destruction will surely come and force its ugly mark onto her soul.
Betrayal arrives and laughs as her loved one walks out of her life and into the waiting approval of her hated enemies. All of these events thrust her onto the stage of history at this epical time and she is an unwilling participant in this drama, as men make plans and devise plots to control her and her destiny.
David is a man of immense honor and integrity. His smile leaves her breathless. A more beautiful man she has never seen. Lucious is a handsome and mysterious man of noble birth and extreme wealth. Why is he so interested in her? And to insure she never forgets that all of Israel is under the dominance of Rome, there is Marcellous, the powerful Roman Officer. His lustful desire for her becomes an obsession that she must deal with, but at what cost? If she walks away from him, does she walk into the arms of death? And where is the God of her salvation?
Come and watch as Anna’s story unfolds and the answers to all of these questions are revealed.

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