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60 Topics for IELTS Speaking

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Everything you need to know about IELTS Speaking in one book! What exactly do you have to do to get a particular band score? Which easy-to-learn words and phrases can improve your score quickly? What should you include in your answers to impress the examiner? Which aspects of grammar or pronunciation should you focus on?

Anyone aiming for band 6 or higher in IELTS Speaking needs targeted practise and easy-to-follow explanations. This book – the result of years of IELTS examination experience – provides the most up-to-date information and an extensive bank of topics and questions with suggestions on how to create impressive answers that demonstrate to the examiner that your English is of a high standard.

The first part of the book gives an overview of the IELTS speaking test and its requirements in terms of the test criteria. It includes sections on vocabulary, grammar and parts of speech that students can use to help them meet the requirements for a score of band 6 or above. The second part of the book provides 60 topic areas for the three parts of the test with questions and suggestions for creating individual answers and for active practice with a partner. These topics and questions are based on actual topics and questions that appear in the IELTS Speaking Module. There is, inevitably, some overlap of topic areas. However, this reflects the situation that students are likely to meet in the real IELTS speaking test.

The suggestions provided with the topics and questions are not the only ways to answer the questions, but they provide starting points for candidates who are having difficulty finding ideas. Students should, of course, aim to supplement them with others that they have learnt during their English studies and with their own ideas based on their personal experiences.

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