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How to Sponsor a Multicultural Student Retreat

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A multicultural retreat is a structured activity that allows white students and students of color an opportunity to learn about other cultures by experiencing and sharing it firsthand. Participants who may not know each other spend several days and nights in a secluded setting, communicating, eating, rooming and working together. “A group of caring but skeptical students assemble themselves to dialogue about some of the most sensitive issues their campus faces. At first they are really hesitant about what they say, being careful not to offend, but the structured activities slowly force them to be honest, rather than tactful. When their honesty is not viewed in a judgmental way, then genuine communication is possible. It is during those moments of “authentic” conversation that true understanding is possible.”-CT The retreat experience is dynamic, exciting and sometimes confrontational. Students leave with new friendships and a greater appreciation for diversity. You’ll find everything you need to organize your retreat, such as: a cultural retreat agenda, activities, diversity tests and exercises; multicultural resources, historical overviews; step-by-step planning information and much, much more! “Use this book to plan your next multicultural retreat and improve race relations on your campus.”-Dr. H. V., former Multicultural Education Center Administrator. SEE FOR YOURSELF WHY THE MULTICULTURAL RETREAT HAS BEEN CALLED THE HUMAN RELATIONS ACTIVITIY OF THE DECADE!

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