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The Institution

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Jennifer Parson loves life. She loves insulting her psychologist about how fat and useless he is. She loves telling all the other patients that she is amazing, a doctor, a philanthropist and thoroughly better than any of them can ever be. They should be blessed to be in her company. Yes, life is good.
Then her psychologist decides to suddenly retire, and is replaced by the very irritating ‘Heavy Debbie’, as Jennifer describes her.
Thoroughly irritated by Heavy Debbie’s new approach to her treatment, Jennifer doesn’t understand why she is being questioned about every aspect of a life she led several years ago. It must, of course, be Heavy Debbie’s incompetency and lack of understanding about the science of psychology.
But when Jennifer receives her first and only visitor several years after being admitted to Grove Hospital for the Mentally Ill not long after the arrival of her new psychologist, her life starts to become a little ... well, less good.
Paranoia kicks in as Jennifer begins to realise she is no longer safe. Her perfect escape is no longer perfect.
He is coming for her.
A crime/thriller/satire told in duel narratives, The Institution is a story about hiding from your fears, life ending obsessions and murder. With a little splash of comedy to lighten the mood.

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