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Since 1970s, the best-selling novel Gorila, the first in a three book series by Dusan Savkovic, has become a sacrilegious bible for Eastern European mobsters—La Nouvelle Vague or The New Wave—much the same way that Mario Puzo’s The Godfather became the adopted wisdom of the US Mafia ("an offer you cannot refuse"). To this day, Gorila remains a story of fascination in the European underworld. The Gorila trilogy is now available for the first time in a vibrant English language.

From the New Yorker article, by Richard Brody (April 10, 2011):

"The novel, by Dusan Savkovic—about a famous French actor’s bodyguard who finds out about orgies involving high strata of French society, attempts blackmail, and is killed by Corsican Mob hired by the actor—is more or less a roman à clef about Stevan Markovic, who was a bodyguard for Alain Delon and was in fact murdered, in 1968 . . . (Samuels writes: 'A friend of Delon’s the Corsican gangster François Marcantoni, was indicted, but there was insufficient evident to convict him of the murder; Delon was questioned but never charged.') . . ."

The Movies Editor from The New Yorker, Richard Brody

"Gorila muses about the intertwining of fact and fiction: tellingly reveals the connection between the Parisian underworld and the top layers of French society . . ."

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