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2013: The Zombies Take Manhattan

50 pages47 minutes


A psychological thriller: It’s the spring of 2013, the time of the great Zombie Apocalypse. Upper Manhattan is the last area to fall and mystery writer, Christine Chambers packs up her kitty and decides to flee.

With nowhere to go, she takes refuge inside the Cloisters museum. This castle-like structure, part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is set atop a huge acreage, with steep drops from the ramparts to the mighty Hudson River below. Surrounded by iron gates it seems to be zombie proof. But she is soon joined by a madman.

With zombies outside and a dangerous serial killer within, she desperately spends her days and nights hiding inside the castle, which is riddled with underground tunnels and secret passages. Before long, hungry animals find their way inside and, it seems, the zombies are evolving.
This plot keeps to the historical and structural reality of the Cloisters, and as close as the author can manage to serial killer profiles.

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