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In the Arms of the Goddess

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In the Arms of the Goddess is a story of loss and renewal. It is a story of history, secrecy, love and witchcraft. It is the story of Mia: a brilliant artist with a brilliant career that she has sabotaged with her spiralling faith in humanity and the loss of her own faith in the power of the Earth, the power of magic. Set mostly in Prince Edward County in present time, the tale reaches back to its first settlers and further to the earliest indigenous life, long before white men came to the shores of North America.
Mia Wilde had never known of any grandparents or relatives, just her mother, who taught her a Craft that had come from a long line of unknown grandmothers and great-grandmothers; a Craft that embodied the celebrations of the seasons, herb lore, and the balance between Earth and man. As the story unfolds, Mia learns of this ancient line of descendants and how her history, as well as her faith, is entwined with them and the county she grew up in. She also learns of a house – one she’s known since childhood – on a piece of land that conceals a grotto of water containing a power as old as the Earth herself.

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