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The Mystery Books of Gene Grossman: Summaries with the Author's Comments

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Gene Grossman, author of the popular15-book set of Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries, and the 5-book Suzi B. Mysteries would like to allow prospective readers to see his 20 mystery titles in one convenient location, where they can view all of the books’ covers, see brief summaries, and read the first chapters of each – all at absolutely no cost.

Also included are the author’s personal comments about the books, including real people the characters were named for and/or based on, similar true situations that were influential in creation of plot segments, and other matters considered during the writing processes.

Both mystery fans and prospective writers will enjoy this free eBook, to familiarize themselves not only with the small group of continuing characters and various solutions in the Peter Sharp and Suzi B. Legal Mysteries, but also in the thoughts and considerations of the author.

Another feature is a complete descriptive listing of non-fiction titles by Mr. Grossman, including his popular award-winning “Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot” plus topics covering the practice of law, writing a mystery novel, deposition preparation, and others.

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