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Haskell turned to John Smith. “Are we clear on this?”
“Yes sir. Crystal. I do have some questions, though.”
“You may ask your questions,” replied Haskell.
“How did you come up with this map and know what equipment is in what building? Second, what’s the name of this town?”
Haskell grinned and said, “it’s Gladstone, and I used to live there.”
“One last question. How are we supposed to wipe out a town and not worry about the consequences?”
“Don’t worry about that, Once we’re done, and before we leave, we will bury the town by blowing out the sides of the canyon cliffs. It will look like Mother Nature took care of them.”
John Smith nodded his head in approval. “You have this all figured out. So, any idea when we do this, so I can tell my men?”
“Soon,” replied Haskell with an evil grin.

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