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How to Find Your Passion & Purpose in Life: Guide Your Career, Goals, & Success Using Brainstorming Techniques

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Find Your Life Purpose And Plan Your Future

Are you happy with the direction of your work?
Do you sometimes wonder if your career is going the way you want it to?
Are you really sure, deep down, that the reason you get out of bed every morning and scurry to get things done is because you really want to do what you're doing?
Do you feel like you've lost control of your growth and future?

How this Life Planning Booklet Will Help You:

+ Gain Confidence and Direction At Work
+ Take Control of Your Career and Professional Development
+ Grow the Self Motivation and Life Passion to Succeed
+ Gain Control Over Your Success to Come

Find Your Purpose In Life and Grow Today

A majority of folks go to work, drudge through the day, and come home depleted for just one thing: money. I'm talking about that paycheck on the end of the string that keeps your output continually flowing. It's not so much the motivation from making the money, but rather knowing family, future, and love will always win out.

But what if life wasn't so much of a grind anymore? What if you could jump out of bed, forget about the snooze button, and really be happy about the day ahead of you?

This >7,000 word life purpose planning booklet (and accompanying figures, templates, and images) will help you narrow your career choices down to a group of careers that would best fit your passions. It will not tell you what you should be doing from nine to five. However, it will tell you how you should be doing what you want to do.

Brainstorming creativity, done right, is a tool that digs in deep, pulls out the magic nuggets, and lets you profit from the work involved. Let's move into the brainstorming mode now.

Inside are Life Passion Sections that Will Help You Grow:

+ Using Your Brain for Passion and Change
+ Imagine a Life with More
+ Gain Confidence that it's Possible
+ Reflection Time
+ Why Finding Your Passion Matters
+ Connecting the Dots
+ How Brainstorming Fits Into Passion Finding
+ Useful Brainstorming is an Art
+ 7 Brainstorming Guidelines You Must Follow
+ Brainstorming Methods
+ 3 Brainstorming Methods to Find Your Passion in Life
+ Doing the Work is the Next Step
+ Remember To Take A Break, Too
+ Review and Tuning Sessions
+ Want Help Interpreting Your Results?
+ Looking for More Tools to Grow?

This is Volume 2 of the Be Your Own Life Coach Booklet Series.

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