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Harlot's Verse

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Ten poems make up a work devoted to the nuances of prostitution in all of its forms. The emphasis is on the socio-cultural and psychological aspects of the trade rather than a picture of the life of the common streetwalker. It wishes to unite man and woman into a common matrimonial bonding that promotes the health and well-being of both sexes. It promotes the integral nature of man and woman over the traditions of the nations and the inane folly of internationalism as a cure to the wars, strife, poverty and psychic stress that are ruining our health, financial solvency and peace of mind. It is subtle as is all poetry in doing this. Do not expect a diatribe or political tract. Much imagery is personal and may take some pondering to fit into your own understanding. Biblical references and allusions are common here but no creed is being preached as far as denominational, Judeo-Christian or any other sect's positions go. Doubtless, they would all roundly condemn this work. My views are eclectic in the extreme.

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