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Italian Grammar Practice

131 pages54 minutes


Italian Grammar Practice is a collection of 45 worksheets which cover the basic areas of Italian grammar.

The book assumes that you have already learned the particular grammar point you intend to practise and for this reason no explanations of the various grammar points are provided. It is therefore recommended that you have to hand the particular Italian grammar or course book you have been using for reference purposes.
Answer keys are provided for all the exercises; you can navigate to these (and back to the exercises) by clicking the exercise or answer key title.

The follow-up volume to Italian Grammar Practice, entitled More Italian Grammar Practice, is also available for most e-readers. It covers those grammar points not dealt with in Italian Grammar Practice.

If you are a teacher or lecturer then you may be interested to know that A4 photocopy master versions of Italian Grammar Practice (entitled Agenda grammatica) and More Italian Grammar Practice (entitled Ancora grammatica) are available on my website Another photocopy master pack, Italian Homework Activities is also available for sale on this site but not for e-readers.

If you are learning or teaching French then two further titles, French Grammar Practice and More French Grammar Practice can be purchased for most e-readers. For A4 photocopy master versions of these titles please visit my website

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