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This book by Dr. Artour Rakhimov can be used to learn the Buteyko breathing exercises by novices. However, in cases of self-learning, a breathing student should have at least 25 seconds for the body oxygen test in order to be successful in understanding and application of provided instructions. This result (over 25 s for the CP or control pause test) can be achieved while applying the Frolov breathing device, the Amazing DIY breathing device and/or other respiratory devices. It is also possible to achieve over 25 s CP by learning the initial Buteyko breathing exercises from a qualified breathing teacher.

If we compare this book with other books and instructions about the Buteyko exercises, this book is advanced for a variety of reasons:

* It explains special Buteyko breathing exercises for people with high blood pressure levels and anxiety attacks. These groups of pupils are generally unable to properly carry out ordinary Buteyko breathing exercises. Air hunger can aggravate their symptoms.

* The book clarifies how to proceed from easy Buteyko breathing exercises to more advanced ones.

* Part 4 of this book provides practical scripts for the use of visualization during Buteyko breathing exercises for better relaxation of body muscles and greater improvements in body O2 results.

* It clarifies the best or optimum durations of the Buteyko respiratory sessions.

* The book explains the effect of overtraining as a result of excessive Buteyko breathing exercises and those practical steps which are necessary to eliminate, treat and avoid this problem.

* Part 5 of the book describes the rare, but possible effect of a lost sensitivity to carbon dioxide. This effect is sometimes confused with the blunted sensitivity in relation to carbon dioxide. The book provides step-by-step instructions how to deal with these two health problems using changes in lifestyle and while applying other unique methods.

* The book describes practical how-to guidelines for the use of Buteyko breathing exercises during physical activity: from easy up to intensive physical exercise.

* Part 6 explains the "click effect". This physiological effect can take place only in experienced breathing students. It leads to a sudden and lasting (often permanent) increase in body oxygenation (the results for the CP test). For many (fortunate) students, this effect assists them to quickly pass through the 40 s CP threshold with amazing health improvements. Such students acquire a natural desire (craving) to do more physical exercise, astonishing levels of energy, natural passion for eating raw foods, remarkable clarity of the mind, short and effective sleep (less than 4.5 hours) without deliberate restrictions, and some other changes.

Note that this book does not provide any clinical data linked to prevalence of chronic overbreathing (deep and fast breathing at rest and 24/7) in general population and in people with chronic diseases (such as cancer, heart disease, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes and many others). You can find these results in other books and articles published by Dr. Artour Rakhimov.

This book also does not contain instructions for those changes in lifestyle (associated with rest, physical exercise, diet and other factors) that lead to improved body oxygenation. The book focuses on application and progress associated with daily and systematic application of the Buteyko breathing exercises.

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