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Song of the Whale

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Utini, Hera and Eroa gather about them those cloaked in compassion to challenge the waves and reach the distant islands of Aotearoa. Here they penetrate deep within the mountains to reach sacred waters that open the way for the healing of the women of the planet. They travel the ancient trails the Ancestors walked to enter the many realms of spirit. Their courage is challenged again and again by those who fear the birth of children who forsake the power of the blade of death.
They invoke the power of the waters and join the earth to the stars in remarkable ways that the old wisdom keepers understood. Sacred lore held secret for too long walks here. Hurts buried deep are revealed and mended by the power of new paradigms. And again and again they build more Tu Ahu to join Earth with the Stars.
The Circle opened this path to the way of the whales.
And whale song reaches across the waters to open other trails. Compassion stands tall despite the shadows that gather as the darkness reaches out to destroy. And the lore says, ‘We are of the whales and the whales are of us. All is one.’

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