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Izzy & alien tale

333 pages5 hours


Far beyond earth, the galaxy is a busy place. Turn left past the Famien Constellation and see the planet Klesia and her moon, Klesia Moon Prime. That moon is inhabited by numerous forms of life, including a greenish boy named Izzian Klowosky. Izzy discovers he must travel to earth for an assignment entitled the Goodwill Project.
On his voyage, Izzy meets and befriends an earth girl, Eliza Allready. Together, Izzy and Eliza accumulate an odd batch of acquaintances, and learn that most people in the little town of Sudden Bluff aren't what they seem.
Izzy meets Paksha, the easy going Indian boy. They become earth brothers, drooling over a cute, interstellar hitchhiker who stumbles into town. Along comes Laddie, an old man with a mysterious past, who peddles snow cones and advice from a magical shack. A Fester Tail infestation threatens to overcome a half-organic SpacePod named Leon, and no one is safe from the twin bullies Lucas and Link.
Oh yes, a rogue alien may save the day or destroy earth, either one.
A seasoned old planet hopper called Yarn watches it all. Yarn explains the finer points of outer space like the Freebot Builders and Dismantling Association and what it means to be a Compassionate Citizen of the Universe.
When Izzy discovers his home may be completely obliterated, he seeks help from his eclectic group of friends. While trying to save Klesia, Izzian learns that an alien doesn't necessarily have to be human to have humanity.

One reviewer wrote:

A tale of supernova excitement! From the far away planet of Klesia, via a ride on a comet transport to Earth, Izzian Klowosky hurls himself into the many levels of drama and intrigue in this first book of a series. This is a story of alien middle schoolers being trained in other worlds, taking on the shapes and characters of their assigned environment, and dealing with intergalactic personalities and catastrophes. With an increasingly complex plot, the well-developed characters keep you smiling as they push on to solve their own personal problems and the minor problem of an entire disappearing planet.
The feisty and rather strange characters grab your attention early on. Each new challenge keeps the reader eagerly turning the pages. The layered plots reach a crescendo and the book comes to a close with almost all the stray ends being tidily tucked away. However, there are plenty of tendrils leading toward the next book in the series!

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