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Ghostly Mistakes

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Oh, rats! It wasn’t like all of the spirits she’d found bound to her were huge hassles, but lately, most of them were. Case in point, Carlton Taylor. Her most recently acquired spirit knew his time was short and still managed to die without fulfilling his promises. Just like a man to think he had all the time in the world. They could cheat death and lift fully decked out monster trucks over their heads. “Carl, are you sure there’s no one who would remember where your great-grandmother, Augustine Rhodes, is buried? It sure would be a lot easier than exploring every cemetery in the county.” “No, there ain’t nobody around who keeps up with all that stuff since Momma died.” “Well, your Momma isn’t here, Carl, and that leaves me walking blindly from marker to marker. Since you’re so insistent on hanging around me at all hours, you can take half of the next one and help me look. She’s your great-granny!” “I can do that. So long as there ain’t no protection around the place. I can look as good as you.” “I doubt that, Carl, you’re about two weeks gone and starting to get ripe.”

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