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Whispers, Shouts, and Songs: Exploring Poetry Through the Independent Voice

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Whispers, Shouts, and Songs is a collection of poems written by independent writers, both published and un-published. From Homer to Hurston, the poem has evolved and grown. Poetry is no longer a cut-and-dry form of writing. This collection looks at what poetry means today through the eyes of the independent, modern writers whose poems are nestled in these pages. Enjoy exploring the talents of Dr. Hira Sadhak, Kelli Lane, Wayne L. Murphy, Rebecca Poole, Jennifer Beattie Hulehan, Saira Viola, Candi Titus, Ryan Abram, Mandy Buffington, Mellissa Black, April J. Durham, and Patrick Durham. But before you do, ask yourself, "What does poetry mean to me?"

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