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Marketing Strategies For Small Business

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Do you own a small business but not sure how to promote it? Cut through the confusion with Marketing Strategies For Small Business from Allard Colley.
Allard shows you how to marketing your business using easy to understand language that anyone can understand. He guides you 33 different strategies with each focusing on a different part of your business. Learn how to:

Strategy 3 – Selling More To Your Target Markets
Strategy 6 – Renovating Your Products To Boost Sales
Strategy 11 – Know What The Market Pays
Strategy 15 – Taking Control Of Your Brand
Strategy 20 – Create Ideas For Your Advertisements
Strategy 29 – Build A Useful Website
Strategy 30 – Get Social
Strategy 33 – Get Other People To Sell It For You

These are just a handful of strategies covered in this book. Whether it is launching a new product, creating ideas for your advertisements or setting up a social media campaign, you will find a strategy that you can use to start growing your business today.

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