Hatred for Black People
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In the Arab nation of Libya, black migrant workers were targeted, killed,
maimed, and raped in a pogrom that ensured in the aftermath of the NATOaided
revolution. The nation of Mauritania stripped the black population of their
citizenship. The State of Israel rounded up sub-Saharan blacks and deported
them as illegal immigrants. Black football players in Ukraine had banana
thrown at them by racist fans. In Italy, a black footballer protested being called
a monkey. Black pupils like Damilola Taylor in Britain are often targeted and
hacked with knives. Argentine black populations have disappeared in history.
In 1988, in Hohai University, China, a riot broke out against black people
because they are dating Chinese girls with Chinese students shouting “kill the
black devils.” Black students in India risk life in a denied culture of racism. In
the United States, from Rosa Parks to Trayvon Martins, a racist-free society,
is still a dream. This book investigates and reveals the art, the culture, the
politics, the science, the sociology, the psychology, and the hypocrisy of the
resentment against black people in a world that is said to be civilized.
Why are black people so hated? What are the scientifi c, cultural, and historical
factors that informed such negative perception and despicable mentality? The
book navigates the mind-set of those who think to be black is to be cursed
whether as individuals, a state, institutions, or an organization. Despite all the
enormous achievements and advancements in all fi elds of human endeavors
recorded by man, despite all the universal and natural values of freedom,
fundamental rights and democracy as proclaimed by man, people of black
colour are still despised, disrespected, and perceived differently. This book
tries to exclusively dig out the truth and present it bare.
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